AL Code Tracker

Running a cloud solution doesn’t automatically mean you have a backup of both your application (source code) and your data. Having a copy of your source code is just as important as having a data backup.

AL Code Tracker is a valuable tool for both source control and creating an audit trail, when you are running on Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central with apps installed from Microsoft AppSource or with per tenant extensions made in AL.

You don’t need extensive knowledge about using GitHub or other code tracking solutions.

AL Code Tracker does all the hard work for you

– use AL Code Tracker to

  • Automatically back up changes to extension source code on Git
  • Track changes to extensions
  • Restore extensions

– use AL Code Tracker to

  • Track changes to field values in Business Central on Git
  • Restore historical values to Business Central

Get a complete overview of your extensions and all changes to your Business Central instance

AL Code Tracker highlights

  • Straightforward, secure source control
  • Easy to install and intuitive to use
  • Automatically back up changes to extensions
  • Track and restore historical data and changes to field values

With AL Code Tracker, you can

  • Track all changes and always reflect the code running on your system 100% on Git
  • Highlight extensions that are protected and cannot be recovered
  • Tracks changes to code and data by linking into Git
  • Enable easy reinstallation of extensions that were deleted automatically when Business Central was updated to a new CU (or were deleted by mistake)
  • Enable easy installation of extensions on new Business Central instances
  • Enable rollback of changes to data including the Custom Report Layout

AL Code Tracker ensures you’re prepared for the future

  • Understand the future maintenance cost of your code by measuring code-complexity
  • Get warnings about code-access to critical data, such as bank accounts and company information
  • Get reports on depreciated functionality use in the code, so you can prepare for changes before functionality disappears

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